Client of the Month (November) 2011

Otto Tuakalau


Otto turned 15 only a few months ago. I have been training him steady for 3 months now. He is showing huge improvement over pears in this age bracket. I have bestowing my years of knowledge upon him. He is getting the edge playing Rugby, I can honestly see this kid turning pro and getting signed by a NRL team or a team of his preference.

His before and after results are proof of how far he has come, in such a short period of time. I even bring him along to train at my MMA gym. He has even caught the eyes of a few veterans at my local MMA club. Except big things to come from Otto.

Like most kids his age, they spend time and money on things that will set them back in their sport of choice. But what Otto has did was setting up his future. By hiring his very own strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer, and mentor. He is proving he is here to make a mark in his sport of choice. His investment is paying dividends to his athletic performance, and he will get back a larger investment from this in the future.

“This kid has his head on straight. He wants the edge at any cost. That is what builds champions and people who will actually make it somewhere in their field of choice.”

2011 Results
Hips: 37 Hips: 35.5
Waist: 35 Waist: 32
Thighs: 20 Thighs: 23
Calves: 14 Calves: 15
Biceps: 12 Biceps: 13
Chest: 38 Chest: 37
Weight: 86.6kg Weight: 84.4kg
BodyFat: 18.9% BodyFat: 15.2%


1 Lap around Merrylands oval (approximately 400m)
Before 1min 15.45seconds After 58.78
Improvement of 17 seconds in 3 months!

30 meter sprint
Before 4.81sec After 4.26sec

2min Pushups:
Before 20 After 34

2min Sit ups:
Before 12 After 54

2min Burpies:
Before 25 After 50

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Client of the Month (October) 2011


Carl Carlos Wendt

Carl Sponsored Client Progress:
Carl Carlos Wendt is on a mission. In 2 months he has lost 10.5 kilos! Way to go Carl! Your commitment, dedication and sacrifices are paying off. Well done.

2 Min Tests:
Before August /September/October
Pushups-21 / 36 / 45
Situps-22 / 33 / 38
Burpees-19 / 34 / 51

Start: 36.1% bf
Current: 23.5% bf

Carl’s Performance:
Beginning Bench Max 70kg / August 2011
Present Bench Max 118kg / October 2011

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Client of the Month (September) 2011


Carl Wendt

In only 1 months worth of training. Carl has already lost an impressive 7.5 kilos/16.5 pounds, while reducing his body fat by 5%.

2 Min Tests
Before August /After September
Pushups-21 / 36
Situps-22 / 33
Burpees-19 / 34

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Client of the Month (July) 2011


Mark Ryan

Mark has made great gains since starting with Bfit. Since Mark started his personal trainings sessions 9 weeks ago. He has lost 9.53kilos/21 pounds in 8 weeks time.

What a great accomplishment!

Before and After
June.2011 July.2011
Hips: 48.5 Hips: 45
Waist: 48 Waist: 44
Thighs: 24 Thighs: 23
Calves: 17 Calves: 16
Biceps: 14 Biceps: 12
Chest: 45 Chest: 42
Weight: 115.9 Weight: 106.3
BodyFat: 28.9 BodyFat: 23.7

Performance Stats

2 minute push ups:

June: 30 July: 35

2 minute sit ups:

June: 7 July: 17

2 minute Burpies:

June: 12 July: 16

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Client of the Month (June) 2011

Nitin Jerome

Nitin Jerome

Thanks to his hard work and dedication. As you see above with Nitins before and after photos, as well as his training video (above) Its just a testament to his hard training. We have made some great improvements and gains in a very short period of time. It will only be an uphill climb from here on in. Great things are on their way for Nitin.

Just everyone wait and see until next time, this is just the start!
I see client of the year potential in here.

Performance 2011:

1 Lap around Merrylands oval
Approximately 400meters

February: 1min 5.35 seconds June: 55.12 seconds

Original: 1min 5.35secs Personal Best: 55.12
Improvement of: 10.23 seconds

2 minute push ups:

February: 35 June: 70

2 minute sit ups:

February: 28 June: 70

2 minute Burpies:

February: 24 June: 47

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Client of the Month (May) 2011

Female Clients Brunos Fitness

Patricia Issa & Marie-Antoinette Issa

The Issa sisters are not just 2 of my best ever clients, but are also great girls outside of training. They are committed and dedicated to their training. They always push themselves and are not afraid to ask for anymore training punishment. Its been such a pleasure for me to train them. They have greatly improved their fitness levels, as a result they have become a great joy for me to train.

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Client of the Month (April) 2011

Brunos Fitness Client Training

Margo Tannous

Many positive things can be said about Margo. But the one major thing about Margo is she trains on average one time a fortnight. But she is still managing great results and improvements.

Her female counter parts train 3 times a week at local bootcamps around the Merrylands area.

But by looking at the bootcamp girls and having a look at Margo, you would have to believe it would be the other way around.

But Margo trains hard and does what I tell her to do with minor complaints, but at the end of the day she is a true battler. She has over come breast cancer and is always putting in 110% into every training session she does with me.

Great work Margo!!

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Client of the Month (January) 2011

Zaheed Khan

Great client, has come a very long way with his fitness levels. At the being Zaheed struggled, but his dedication and determination have made him into one of my favorite clients to work with.

He maintains a great training recorded all year round. He never has excuses or loses determination to turn up to his training sessions.

This is only the being of something special with Zaheed.


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