Not all Trainers are Created Equal


“I train myself to win Gold medals, I expect nothing less then the best when I train my clients.”

It all up to people to investigate and see which trainer suits their purpose.
A good trainer will have a mix of education and hands on experience. The hands on experience is vital when looking for a quality trainer. Its like going to a mechanic. Would you prefer someone who is inexperienced working on your car. Or someone who can work on your car with their eyes closed?

Its not where you train, its how you train.

He or she doesn’t need to own a massive studio, gym or run a large boot camp either. I have meet and trained with people in their own house or garage. It was not a matter of what they had, but a matter of what they had to offer.

Most importantly it all comes down to educating yourself when going with a trainer. Once you pick a trainer its pretty hard letting go. Its almost comparable to a marriage. You intrust in them, and promises will be made. Sometimes even a contract is signed or agreed upon.

Bottom line:
“Make sure you choose wisely. It can change your life.”

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10 Reasons Why You Would Hire Me As Your Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, or Training Partner


Below are 10 reasons and more, why you would consider hiring me as your trainer. Or should be taking part in Bruno’s Fitness either by one-on-one training sessions or in a group training environment.

1. I am always honest and reliable


I have over 5 years experience as being a personal trainer. I have a lot of passion for my job, I have been training in and out of gyms since I was 14 years old. I have studied and have over a decade of knowledge along the way. I am not that sort of trainer who has been training for 2 years or has gotten his/her Personal training certification, and then pretends he or she knows everything. That is not my style or my character. Along the way I have done both, studied the physiology of the human body and have trained at the highest physical possible level.

2. I always plan and organize realistic goals and expectations for my clients


Again I am not one of those trainers who will put you on a ridiculous diet and put you on supplements. Which will only give you quick-short term result, which will only be wasting your time and your money. I never take short cuts with my training and dieting, so why should my clients?

3. My clients come first


I always find time to get back to all my clients questions and demands. Some trainers leave there clients with a program and diet plan. But don’t bother explaining to there clients what is going on with the program. Its like a doctor giving you a program for your sore lower back, and not telling you why its going to work for you. So why should you hang onto his or her words?

4. I give out proper programs


I give out workouts and nutrition programs to all my clients, which are easy to follow.
While other trainers can’t be bothered and simply copy and paste there workouts and diets off other websites, or even had out there own workout or diet programs. God made us all made different, so why would a work out or diet program from someone else work for you? Simple answer is: it wont! We are all born different from one another, and our bodies are all unique. So in the end, we all need a workout program and diet program that is specific to our body, shape and size needs

5. I have never used steroids


Why have a trainer who has taken the easy road? I don’t understand how people can pay someone money, who has taken the easy way. Its like going to church and the priest telling you cheating on your wife is a sin, yet he goes out on the weekend and has sex with married women at the local pub.

6. My physique never changes


You can have a look at my photo gallery and progress results at

Why have a physique that changes? My body stays the same all year round, wouldn’t you like your body looking great all year round? Why go threw those ridiculous cutting and bulking diets? Its very taxing and unhealthy on your body, also majority of body builders are on steroids. Also a study was done saying symmetrical bodies attract the opposite sex. Makes sense, seeing as there was another study done saying symmetrical facial features attract the opposite sex. So why wouldn’t you want to look and stay symmetrical to your body type all the time?

7. I evaluate my personal training sessions
Bruno Training Client Sydney Australia

When I was getting my business started, I used to watch other trainers. I would look on and question, would I pay money to be trained like that? So in doing that, I have a lot of pride that comes along with my training sessions. So I make my sessions that good, that I even I would pay for them.

8. I have friends who are professional Athletes, Sports Doctors, Nutritionists, Kinesiologists, Surgeons and Lawyers


My life is always heavily influenced in the right way, sometimes its good getting other opinions. While other trainers will get opinions and ideas they have either heard at the gym or off the internet. They follow myths and stories of secret supplements, myth diets, and all sorts of bizarre ideas based on myths. Just have a look at my body building myths on this web page. So my views and opinions are always approved by all the right sort of people that they should be approved by. I Consult with doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians and other allied health professionals to create health and fitness programs for my clients.

9. You get educated


I don’t simply tell you do this and eat this. Without first knowing, how, why, what, where and when.
Most trainers will get you to do this and take these supplement shakes in your diet. I will tell you why and what is going on with the program. I will never put you on supplement shakes or even supplements for that matter. Would you like drinking meal replacing supplements your whole life?
Supplement means to: to make up for a deficiency.
So its obvious the trainer, is to lazy or does not want to go threw the effort of making you a proper program or diet. When you have a proper diet, you don’t need any sort of supplement. I give you results you keep for the rest of your life. You will never be given diets and workouts that you cannot maintain for the rest of your life. For me its never about the money, the fitness industry is embarrassing.
Lucky enough if you choose me to be your trainer, you wont have to deal with cons and scams ever again.




“NEVER SETTLE FOR A SECOND RATE TRAINER” It will only lead you to second rate results.

I Help you to Become your own Personal Trainer
How do I do this for you? Read all of they above.

Also Note:

I carefully examine the client’s goals to ensure they embody the SMART principles.
I ensure exercise technique is correct.
I create appropriate tailored exercise routines to meet the client’s requirements.
I educate and assist the client in modifying nutritional habits.
I motivate and inspire the client to push themselves further.
I assist the client in maintaining intensity levels
I provide expert advice on a whole range of fitness topics.
I continually monitor client progress and providing valuable feedback.
I conduct regular fitness tests and health assessments.
I keep the client focused by scheduling regular appointments for their attendance. This sounds simple, but this last point is often the single biggest motivating factor for people to use a personal trainer.

I also emphasis heavily on nutrition.

You can exercise and achieve some gains but unless you get the correct fuel going into your body after those workouts, you will not reach your full potential. Therefore, it is important to get the right mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats into your daily eating. Remember that NO diets work in the long term. You need to have a healthy eating plan that becomes a fundamental part of your lifestyle! I will certainly be able to guide you on the right track with regards to sustainable healthy eating.

“Settling for a second rate trainer, is settling for second rate results.”

The All Naturals

All Naturals Group

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Can I afford BrunosFitness Personal Training?


Personal training is a luxury. Not everyone can afford it, even though most people need it.

Like anything else in life, you have to pay for an expert to provide a service for you.. It’s no different then paying an attorney, an accountant, or an IT professional.

If you’ve walked into your local gym and asked how much they charge per session they’ve probably given you a number you felt to be a little too high- somewhere between $60-$120. Not to mention the joining fee $100-$150 and the monthly cost of the gym $80-$100 on top of the personal training session fees it gets pretty expensive quickly.

Keep in mind that 95% of personal trainers are paying rent at the gym they work at.  Anywhere from $260-$380 a week, so the reason why they have high training fees is to cover their rent, and not because they are worth it. They have bigger things to worry about than your results. If possible they will try to coax you into a contract and make you pay them a bundle upfront.

As you can see my personal training sessions might not be as expensive as you think. My rates are significantly lower then what other trainers would quote to you at your gym. I don’t put you on contracts, no joining fees or monthly billing. I also have over 15 years of experience, that is a life time worth of experience and knowledge.

This all might sound great to you, but you’re probably wondering where you are going to workout if not at your gym?

I have various and unique gym equipment that I can bring to your apartment, office, or home. I also have my own garage set up with enough equipment to get you a full proper workout. You don’t need a gym with fancy equipment and cluttered space. If you think about it, gyms are a rather novel invention. People didn’t spend hours doing dumbbell curls or walking the treadmills to get in shape in the past.

As an example, you’ve probably seen the movie 300. While that’s Hollywood, keep in mind that the Spartans weren’t spending two hours a day at their local gym. There are plenty of more effective ways to get in shape.

I also consult and approve with doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians and other allied health professionals to create health and fitness programs for all my clients.

Also note*

5 Things you can cut back on to afford personal training.

1. Buying Coffees-5$ a coffee/5 coffees a week=100$ per month.

2. Beer-Case of beer $50/1 case a week=$200 per month

3. Cigarettes-Pack of cigs $15/2 packs a week=$120 per month

4. Going out for dinner $100-$200/2 times a week=$800-$1600 per month

5. Going out for drinks after work $50-$100/ 2 times a week= $400-$800 per month

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Thanks to Everyone for their Support


As you can see, I have not been posting many blogs lately. I have been so busy with clients and running my business. Thanks again to everyone who is contributing to my cause. Personal training is a very serious business to me. I take care of all my clients and have been giving them the best possible service available in all of Australia and Canada.

I drive my clients to the park and drop them back home and always go those extra steps whenever possible. Client care always comes first. I never go by the hour, I don’t mind adding more time or offering some free sessions.

I am the guy who was born to be a personal trainer.



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BFit Prices Going up on the 17th of August 2011


Please be aware BFit prices will be increasing toward the end of August 2011. The new hourly rate will be $70 per hour as to the standard $65 per hour. Due to high volume of clients and over whelming amount of personal training sessions.

On the 17th of August, any new clients who wish to be part of the Bfit family will have to pay the new rates.

Please take advantage of the next 18 days if you ever wanted training at even lower than standard rates.

BFit Studio coming soon…..

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The Truth About Majority of Personal Trainers


Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers: Purported “trainers” trying to make up your mind for you.
Another one of my favorite pastimes; watching muscle heads convince the public
that they are qualified or have any scientific sense of what they’re talking about.
Those single-minded points of view that have mislead the people that I work hard
to help. Those arrogant points of view that highlight only a one-way train of
thought. That dogmatic approach that continues to force consumers into a full
circle and about face when it comes to achieving results or improving wellness.

I have seen trainers become trainers through the weekend and believe that one
certification and a bodybuilding title qualifies them to teach others. “TEACH”, I say
loosely. These individuals aren’t really TEACHING anything! They merely take their
clients through the gym, pick the equipment or exercise they enjoy, and ‘go to it’!
RIDICULOUS! And don’t even mention ‘continuing education’ because for some,
these two words don’t even belong in the same sentence.

The next best scenario is the bodybuilder teaching you to be ‘healthy’ when they
themselves are doped up on various types of ILLEGAL anabolic substances while in
pursuit of their illustrious $35 trophy. Isn’t this not unlike a priest that goes out
drinking all weekend and sleeping with married women?? Ask yourself: If my
trainer takes the fast, easy road to attain that which they covet, will they make that
same decision for me? How could you possibly follow the instructions, guidance,
advice, or take someone seriously that is using drugs behind closed doors? Life is
about choice, I understand that. But, your ‘trainer’ is making a very conscious
decision to use UNHEALTHY agents to pursue their own narcissistic goal. How can
that person convince you to go the tough, long road when they themselves choose
the quick easy path?? I guess I leave that one to you! (Did I mention that steroids
were ILLEGAL??)

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Client Interaction With My Online Training


What is your take on cheat meals ?

After the cardio session day, I will allow you to have something sweet to go with your meal.
Sort of like a cheat day but not, I don’t believe in them either. You should be eating good
everyday, all year round. But one treat a week wont hurt, especially after a good cardio session your body willlove those sugars. Its also the only time where its sort of exceptable, because your body will
break it down straight away and wont store all of it as fat. But if you had a cheat day and did no exercise, its
all going to get stored as fat straight away. Also I don’t believe in teasing your body one day a week is good.
Its like if you had a brand new Holden HSV, and one day you decided you want to fill it up with diesel instead of premium. Need to run your body on good foods always, your body works more efficient that way.

Are you looking at me to put on weight or cut with this diet ?

Thats an easy answer: Both

Should I feel hungry or satisfied on this meal plan ?

Satisfied, there alot of low gi foods in this diet,
Your body will digest these foods slowly leaving you feeling full for longer and allowing you to eat less calories without feeling hungry.

Do you eat like this all year or do you have breaks from the diet. From your pics your physique looks great all year round.

All year round, and I encourage it in all my clients.

From my website:
My physique never changes Why have a physique that changes? My body stays the same all year round, wouldn’t you like your body looking great all year round? Why go threw those ridiculous cutting and bulking diets? Its very taxing and unhealthy on your body, also majority of body builders are on steroids. Also a study was done saying symmetrical bodies attract the opposite sex. Makes sense, seeing as there was another study done saying symmetrical facial features attract the opposite sex. So why wouldn’t you want to look and stay symmetrical to your own body type?

What macronutrient breakdown do you recommend for me – am I right in saying about 150 gr protein and rest make up in carbs and good fats ?

Exactly, the next 6 weeks we will see how your body reacts to it. I can give you my diet and workouts, but that wont work on you. This is all specifc to what you want, abs and more muscle tone.
You have your own cron o meter, so that is really good. But I was surprised you didnt see or question the fact that you lacking in vitamins and minerals? With my diet your at 100%, your last diet was at 50%
Anyways we live and learn, I have been down that paths too. I have tried this and tried that, I have an open mind to it all. But alot of things you can tell are just not right. But know I have the knowledge in explaining why.

Dont worry about the questions, its all good.

The more you ask the better, you need your body and mind working together.
If I tell you to jump a bridge you wont do it, but if I tell you why, you will do it.
haha, not such a good analogy, but you know what I mean. :)

Have a good day at work,

Anymore questions feel free to ask,

Your Mate, and Online Trainer,


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Customer Testimonials For My Personal Training Services


Thanks to all my clients, I have been away on holidays for just over 1 month. I would just like to take this time to wish all my clients, all the very best for now, and in the future. For anyone else out there interested in my services, my testimonials speak for themselves.

Love you all,

Your trainer and Friend,


Future blogs are on there way, I am back in buisness.

You can have a look at my photo gallery and progress results at

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Getting Back Into Shape


There are 5 easy to remember rules when getting backing into shape

1. Make A Commitment To Getting In Shape

Before you lose the weight, you need to mentally commit yourself to making it happen.

2. Find the Right Workout For You

Once you’ve committed to get in shape, you need to find the right workout.

3. Eat Healthier

Diet fads come and go, but eating healthy is a way of life.

4. Reward Yourself

The best part of exercising is how it pays off.

5. Hiring me as your trainer.

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