Established in May of 2009

My goal for this website:

I want to help change the fitness industry for the better. Show people how to train, eat and live a healthy productive lifestyle. To many lies, false leading gimmicks and supplements out there. I am here to set the record straight and want people to become aware and educated in regards to the way they train and eat.

Most Internet sites are mostly based on selling things, adverting supplements, bootcamps or just misleading people to false hope.

I just always wanted to make a book or a website easy for people to access and navigate. I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and working as a personal trainer for 6 of them. Now with my knowledge people can follow the proper path in regards to their health and fitness. Without wasting their time following the wrong paths in regards to getting real long lasting results.

I want this site to be for the people and not for me or some supplement company. I want to work with people towards a healthy and educated lifestyle.

About me:

Name: Bruno Jukic

Age:     30

Height: 6″3

Weight 215lbs

Body Fat: 5.9%

Location of birth: Canada, Vancouver, B.C.

Occupation: Personal trainer

NCCA Accredited Personal Fitness Trainer Complete (PFT)
Biomechanics Specialist (BMS)
Functional Training Specialist (FTS)
Core Conditioning Specialist (CCS)
Speed, Agility, & Quickness Specialist (SAQ)
Master Personal Trainer (MPT)

Qualified Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness/ Personal Training
Registered Professional through Fitness Australia
Muscles & Movement (Human Biology II) BSC202
Active after school license (Australian Sports Commision) Dealing with children.
6+ years Personal training experience

When I Started:

Feb, 1995

How I Started:

Childhood friend, he got me hooked. I was 15 years old. Once I started, I never looked back. I have gained so much knowledge along the way. I have actually been there, tried that, and have done that. I have lived and learned so much in regards to fitness through my life time.

Why I Love It:

Keeps me fit and feeling good, motivates me to accomplish more in sport and in life. Love to get the friends and clients motivated and helping them out.

How I Stay Motivated:

Knowing I have achieved everything with hard work and staying natural all my life, and motivating others motivates me. Keeping my mind clear and staying focused. Making sure I’m always the one who is working out the hardest in the gym, the more the roid monkeys look the harder I go.Getting rid of anything or anyone who puts my energy levels down in my life. Also making a negative situation into a positive one.Having a supportive family is also a major boost in my life. Seeing my clients changing there life around. I get them realistic results no Gimmicks, no Diets, and they maintain there results for many years to come.

Sports played at competitive levels:
Soccer– Played from 6 years old to 22 years old. Played 2nd division soccer in Europe Croatia. Played and trailed for clubs in Australia. Politics forced me from playing any longer.
Sprinting– Competed for 4 years, before suffering slipped disc in lower back.
I did a lot more training then I did competing.
100 meters
11.10 Competitive time.
10.82 Training
200 meters
22.65 Competitive time
21.90 Training


Mixed Martial Arts– On and off for 10 years.
Wrestling– Highschool Silver and bronze Medals
Basketball– Highschool MVP
Football– Highschool
Baseball– Highschool
Rugby– Highschool MVP

Accomplishments in fitness:

1550 meters rowed in 5 minutes
500m on rowing machine in 1min and 18.98 sec
8.1 km rowed in 30 minutes/ 1:53 500 meter split

Track and Field:
Sprinting times

Bodybuilding strength:
Dips Body weight 66 reps
60 reps bench press at 135lbs
63 squats reps at 145lbs (bum to heel)
70 deadlifts reps at 135lbs
140 pushups in 2 minutes
38 wide grip chinups in a row (non stop)
60 reps 150lbs on seated row machine

Mixed Martial Arts Experience:
1 year wrestling
1 year Judo
1 year Muay Thai kickboxing
1 year Brazilian Jujitsu
1 year Taekwondo
1 year Boxing

Videos links of me training:

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  1. Hi
    how are you ?
    i like your S.V
    i am from kuwait
    i am physical education teacher
    and i am looking to be like you to Do a Group of fitness in my country
    and i need your help
    can you contact me in whats up
    this is my number

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