Brunos All Elite Female Group Training

Brunos Fitness All Female Group Training

My group training=No bootcamp waste of time bullsh*t!

This is more one on one style training for you girls. You also get resistance training and a nutrition program.

Which are the two main components in weight loss and muscle definition, which will actually help you girls achieve some serious long term results.

Boot camps stress on cardio, yes cardio is a great thing, but in order to maintain your goals of weight loss and definition you have to eat right and train right. Lifting a 3-5kg dumbbell or kettle bell in your bootcamp is not sufficient enough, and the amount of repetitions you are doing are too high in order to stress the muscle enough so it can grow, which is the point in resistance training. More muscle will increase your metabolism, which will then allow your body to burn fat.

You girls are not just another number, I will monitor all of your progress every session.

Fact: In most boot camps you will very quickly reach a plateau. Which means your results will stop improving in only a short peroid of time.

Example: Boxing and jogging every single session=Plateau

Truth: Majority of bootcamps are a money market for the companies and their trainers. I’m all about honesty, speaking the truth and getting you the results you always wanted.

WHAT I OFFER BEING YOUR GROUP INSTRUCTOR: Variety of challenging training sessions with efficient resistance training and education in nutrition.
Which are the two main components in weight loss and muscle definition, which makes long lasting results.

Measurements, Tests and Photos will be conducted every 6 weeks.

Every session is something new, not boxing and jogging around like a chicken without a head at every single session.

I used to watch other trainers. I would look on and question, would I pay money to be trained like that? So in doing that, I have a lot of pride that comes along with my training sessions. So I make my sessions that good, that I even I would pay for them.

Every Wednesday night at 7:30pm
Pay as you go, $25 bucks each session.
Also every Saturday mornings at 8:30am

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