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Location: Canada
John Cheng
It specialist:

First off the guy is a machine, just look at him. Second he is the most honest trainer and person I have ever talked to. He keeps his word and his promises. He set me up for some realistic goals. I look ahead now to all my training and my results.

Location: Australia
Burak Sagol
P.E Teacher:

He helped me lose 6 kilos of fat in 4 weeks time, helped me change my dieting and my training. Great bloke, the guy explains you everything. I used to work for Versacold warehousing. But I needed to get into shape for my new line of work. If you ever thought about or are thinking about hiring a personal trainer. Then this guy is your only option if you are actually serious about achieving your goals and changing your life style.
Good on you Bruno.

Location: Australia
Charlie Bousansef

He was my very first ever personal trainer, I am so blessed to have had him as my trainer. I was suffering from high cholesterol, and I could barely do 6 push ups in 1 go. But in 6 weeks time, I had healthy cholesterol levels, and I was able to do 40 push ups in 1 go. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Location: Canada
Arminder Johal

Got me back on track, I had gained 20lbs of unwanted fat. I had gotten married, lost my motivation and determination to go working out at the gym again. He motivated me and helped me do workouts I don’t find boring or repetitive anymore. In 3 months time, I was back to my old self. Gave up the booze and started to eat healthy again, it has has been working for me ever since. Great guy, great trainer and great friend.

Location: Australia
Steve Vanuati
Qantas Airways baggage handler:

Paid him $120 for one months worth of online training. What a bargain, in that one month I learned more then what I knew my entire life training. He put me on the right track, with diets and workouts.
Plus the motivation he gave me so unreal, he made me beleive and made me push myself.

Location: Canada
Iva Boskowich
Construction company owner:

Has been training me for a while now and its looking great, my abs are finally showing. I thought i was never going to see my abs in this life time. But he made me believe and pushed me to do it. I highly recomend him if anyone is looking for a good trainer.

Location: Australia
Kamil Zagac

I came to Bruno looking for assistance with my training and diet. I had been training for about 3 years before that an was very confused with all the contradictory “Bro” science out there on the internet.
Bruno helped clear up the confusion and get me on track to my goals of reaching a lean muscular physique.
Thanks Bruno. I would recommend Bruno’s personal online training to anyone looking to better their training, diet and result !

Location: America
Sayf Hassan
Real estate:

“I’ve worked with trainers online and in person with varying degrees of success. While all my experiences have been educational and fruitful to some extent, I can unequivocally say that my stint with Bruno led to the quickest, most noticeable gains I’ve made since I started training on a regular basis.Bruno’s approach is simple, efficient and knowledge based. He provided nutrition and training plans with variety and accessibility, always answering my emails quickly, even when on vacation or unwell. I’m a hard gainer with a full time real estate development business and my goal was to undertake a clean bulk while not spending hours in the gym. Bruno emphasized healthy, real foods instead of depending on supplements and prepared workout routines based on heavy compound exercises that required 45minutes of intensity in the gym, which fit my schedule perfectly. At the heart of it all, he’s just a great guy who is extremely passionate and well-versed in all aspects of fitness. At a fraction of the cost of other online trainers, Bruno’s service is exceptional and well worth it. Look forward to working with him again in the very near future!”

Location: Canada
Mike Johnson

First of all, I would like to say, this is the first time in my life, I have ever meet anyone like this guy. So humble and friendly, he engaged me in all my questions, always was there for me. I wish this guy future success in this business. I hear he is opening up a studio soon in Sydney, I can’t wait for him to get more main stream and help educate and train these poor misinformed people out there. This guy talks the talk and walks the walk, this customer feedback is only a fraction of what I could be writing about him. I need at least 3 more paragraphs, I am very happy in the results and education I have received from Bruno. God bless him and anyone else who is lucky enough to have this guy in your life training you, either by way of online-in person or if your lucky like me, I did both, either way you only benefiting yourself in every way possible in regards to the fitness industry. He really shines a bright and honest light on the fitness industry, I was very much in the dark before Bruno.

Location: Australia
Mick Muscat

This bloke is cheap, reliable and affortable, what more could you ask for. Also he was the only trainer I ever had who actually would train some sessions with me. Us Aussies are proud of having this guy here in Sydney. I look forward to this year more then ever, thanks to Bruno and his great attitude. I lost 4 inches off my waist line last month. He is a true fairdinkum kind of guy.

Location: Canada
Chloe Coleman

Bruno got me hooked on training, ever since the first session I ever did with him. I felt like I was in a Rocky movie or something. The training was fantastic, affordable, and best of all, I was seeing amazing results. Not just with my body, but with my fitness. I loved the variety, I trained with Bruno for over 3 months. I never had a boring or repetitive session with him.

Location: Australia
Brooke Vella
Dental Nurse:

Came along with my friend Chloe, and did a few sessions together. Awesome guy! awesome sessions! and an awesome overall service.

Location: Australia
Michael Carrasco
Forklift driver:

Did a few sessions with Bruno last year. I couldn’t walk for days. I have been training for a few years before getting the chance to have Bruno as my trainer. Thank God for the experience, he really showed me so much. He showed me what level I should be training at. Ever since the sessions I have done with Bruno, my training has been elevated to the next level. Also he made me see the humor in guys who take steroids and act all tough. I enjoyed laughing at people who take steroids and act all hard. This guy is all natural and very humble. If I was him I would walk around topless or in a singlet all year round, and wouldn’t take crap from anyone.

Location: Canada
Dean Dunis

The guys is an animal, I did some mma training with the guy. He has rocket like leg kicks, and knees that would eliminate anyone’s ball sak. The guy inspires and lives to inspire. He will be missed for sure down here in Canada. But I would encourage anyone to take him up as your trainer. Either online or face to face. The guy rocks and I wish all the best to him over in Australia. Take care over there Bruno.

Location: Australia
Cesar Santos
Bank Manager:

I used to do boot camps sessions, I paid nothing and in the end I got nothing out of it. But once I did a few sessions with Bruno, i was hooked. The training sessions are fantastic, my muscles hurt for days. Muscles I never knew existed on my body where sore. The guy is honest, and all stresses out the importance of a good healthy diet. He even wrote me a diet to my needs. He gave me a diet in which I could actually follow. I have been struggling with weight all my life, I have come across many trainers and diet schemes. But Bruno has been keeping up to all his words. Anyone who would want to ask me personal or email me can. I would be more than happy to do so.

Location: America
Sam Roth

I have had Bruno as my online trainer, I have meet him from bodybuilding.com. I have had a few online trainers from there. But he blows them all out of the water. Great services all around, he makes you feel important and always gets back to you. I have even read some testimonials thinking that they where fake. But until I have had him as my online trainer, they all hold complete merit. Anyone looking for a trainer or a diet or just some good honest advice. Don’t be afraid to ask this guy, he knows everything. He has set me straight with so many misconceptions when it comes to training. So go on and hire him.

Location: Australia
Jason Willick

The question is not what can I say about this guy. Its what can I not say about this guy. Very professional, reliable and extremely helpful. I was pestering Bruno threw various emails threw my online training. He never once did not get back to me, he actually always answered me back on the same day or the day after the latest. He has really helped me out. In 3 months I felt comfortable enough to train and diet on my own. Its been 2 months since I aquired his services and I am still going stronger then ever. Thanks Bruno.

Location: Australia
Nuala Webbe

Outstanding master of his craft, incredibly smart with a great sense of wisdom towards health and fitness. He is a expert in running, weight training, martial arts, and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun. Bruno has the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. He’s the real deal in an industry full of wannabees, he is the standard by which any trainer should be measured by.

Location: Canada
Patrick Gargol
Mechanical Engineer:

Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Bruno is one of the best. I’ve been working with Bruno for 3 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Bruno is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Bruno will lead you every step of the way.

Thank you Bruno, you are the best!”

Location: America
Robert Jackson

I have been Bruno’s online client for the past month. I’d like to thank him for making me a program and diet. But I was most impressed with the amount of detail he had made them with. I have had other online trainers before, but he is way beyond them. In regards to his service, I can only highly recommend it. But once again, I am in shock at how much detail he had put into my programs and diet. He also always contacted me first, ever so often he checks up on you. I was very pleased and surprised by this. Bruno is defiantly making this greedy fitness industry picks its game up. Only if everyone would shop around first, and then choose Bruno as there online PT. It would only benefit the PT industry and everyone would be happier and healthier.

Location: Australia
Lorein Nassar
School Teacher:

I have been training with Bruno for 1 month now and can honestly say that not only am i feeling fitter but am losing the weight as well. Bruno is the man as he not only trains with enthusiasm each session, but is full of knowledge on nutrition and general health. Basically he will go the extra mile for you. I know this is the beginning of a long (and painful) friendship!

Location: Canada
Laurence Tanzillo:

I want to acknowledge and give credit to Bruno who I have known on a personal level and have trained with over the years. His work ethic and knowledge of how the body responds and adapts to stress is congruent with my understanding of sport. Who am I you might ask? I have an Associate’s Degree in Human Kinetics. I don’t claim to be an expert but I do have a thorough understanding of how the body works in relation to sport. As I was saying, his attention to individual needs is where he excels and sets him apart from the others. If you’re looking for motivation or to take your training to the next level, then Bruno is the person to get you there. Give him a try you won’t be disappointed.

Location: Canada
Joe Jukic

He helped me lose 2 inchs off my waist in 1 months time, and he helped me add an inch on my bi-cep. Great guy and great service, I would highly recommend him for personal training.

Location: Australia/Canada
Barlene Mitri

He trained me so good, that my body should speak for its self.

Location: Australia
John Mitri
Car Shop Owner:

I hated the gym and working out period. Until this guy personal trained me. I get the best workout and I have so much fun and I learn so much about training and my health. Its changed my whole view on health and fitness and I actually enjoy and look forward to working out with my trainer.

Marie-Antoinette Issa
Location: Australia
Occupation: TV producer/Journalist

I was a client of Brunos for 18 months (between June 2009-January 2012) and during this periodfound him to be a very pleasant, generous person who was never afraid to take on a challenging task – Myself being a prime example.

Before meeting Bruno my fitness levels were poor, at best. Udner his guidance I not only improved my wellbeing and exercise techniques to levels I never imagined possible, but I gained an unquantifiable confidence in my ability to do so.

Bruno’s knowledge of training techniques, exercise science and general fitness requirements are the best I have ever encountered. His communication skills and ability to motivate his clients in order to obtain the best results are exceptional.

Bruno’s passion for fitness is contagious. His sessions were always full of energy, enthusiasm and fun – and as a consequence I was able to achieve results I was proud of.

While his on the job performance has been superb, Bruno also became a close friend. He is a great person, his kindness beyond question, and it was a pleasure and honour to be trained by him

Thank you for everything, more than you will ever know !

Patricia Issa
Location: Australia
Occupation: Physiotherapist

As a physio; i was used to seeing alot of patients who presented to my practice with injuries from ‘bootcamp’ training. Either an overzealous trainer or a trainer who lacked attention to detail and technique being a big contributor to their injuries. So it was with apprehension that i joined my sister and begun training with Bruno about 18 months ago. And i can honestly say it one of the best decsions i have ever made.

Bruno has a genuine nature,he is encouraging and motivating. He strives to get the most out of of his clients, he listens and tailors his programs to each indivial. His sessions were challenging and always diffent. i never did the same session twice. He strives to be creative which acts as a motivation i always walked away both exhaused and with a sense of accomplishment, doing things that i never thought i would have the strength or fitness to do. Bruno sets his goals for his clients high, and he believes in you so much, that you really start beliveing in yourself and you find yourself carrying your sister on your back up a flight of stairs 10 times in a row [:)]

Futhermore Brunos knowledge is fanstastic, i can certainly ascertain that ‘he knows what he is talking about’
his knowledege of training is solid and accurate and his methods have strong scientific evidence of effectiveness

Bruno practices what he preaches; he is straight forward, reliable and now a good friend

i can not recommend him enough, i felt very lucky to be trained by him. Not only do i think he is the best trainer, he is really a fanatstic person, who truly cares about what he does and his clients

The only problem is Bruno has set the bar too high and i am still unable to find another trainer who come remotely close to his standard.

Thank you for everything you have done, it it a real pleasure to know you and an honour to be trained by you. [:)]

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