Head Trainer, Founder and Owner of BFit/BrunosFitness

Bruno Ivan Jukic


Master Personal Trainer (MPT)
NCCA Accredited Personal Fitness Trainer Complete (PFT)
Fitness Nutrition Coach (FNC)
Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach Certification
Biomechanics Specialist (BMS)
Functional Training Specialist (FTS)
Core Conditioning Specialist (CCS)
Speed, Agility, & Quickness Specialist (SAQ)

Qualified Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness/ Personal Training
Registered Professional through Fitness Australia
Muscles & Movement (Human Biology II) BSC202
6+ years Personal training experience.

Sports played at competitive levels:
Soccer– Played from 6 years old to 22 years old. Played 2nd division soccer in Europe Croatia. Played and trailed for clubs in Australia. Politics forced me from playing any longer.
Sprinting– Competed for 4 years, before suffering slipped disc in lower back.
I did a lot more training then I did competing.
100 meters
11.10 Competitive time.
10.82 Training
200 meters
22.65 Competitive time
21.90 Training

Rowing-Competitive in Canada for 3 years

Mixed Martial Arts- On and off for 10 years.
Wrestling- Highschool Silver and Bronze Medals
Basketball- Highschool MVP
Football- Highschool
Baseball- Highschool
Rugby- Highschool
Ice Hockey- Recreational
Track & Field- Highschool, Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals

Male Trainers

Laurence Tanzillo



Steve Sandhu


My name is Steve Sandu certified B.C personal trainer and a proud member of Bruno fitness,semi pro body builder, I am (Height) 6’2 (Weight) 215lbs.I have over 14 years experience in personal fitness,I started out young back in junior high school and liked the feeling that it gave me that extra edge and confidence boost.Fitness is a life style change.if you are looking for a quick fix then I’m not the guy for you.I want to help those who really want to change there life style for the better and feel healthier live longer and feel more vital for the long term.I have experienced it all with my weight I understand how it’s like to be very thin and scrawny and also know the flip side of being very large and muscular to even a point in my life where I had some extra unhealthy weight as well.So when I say I understand where you are coming from I’ve been there and will do my best to help you reach your fitness goals or your money back,this is my SS guarantee.Strong trainer=Strong results.

Female Trainers

Contact# 0406 849 227

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