Overcoming a Major Set Back in Life

Below are seven steps and ideas to get your body and mind back on track, from overcoming a major set back in your life.

1. Try and keep the circumstances or situation in perspective. Will this be as big an issue in 10 years as it is today?

2 Evaluate the situation in light of your entire life.

3. Focus on what you have, not what you lost. This isn’t any easy step when you are neck deep in pain, sorrow or grief, but continuing to focus on what is no longer tends to keep you locked in the past and a state of ‘no positive action’.

4. Do something, anything to re-focus your thoughts, energy or activities in a positive or more healthy direction.

5. If it is a loss of a relationship or loved one, remember all that you had with them that was good and positive.

6. Remember you can’t change what has happened, but you can change the future. You change your future in your present moments. You also create all of your positive or negative memories in your present moments.

7. Keep in mind the concept that you don’t always get to determine what comes into your life, but you always get the choice of how to react or respond to it.

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Health Mentality

Moderating your emotional response to situations will become an invaluable skill in the times ahead. I prefer staying on the slightly positive side of neutral — not so flat as to be stone-faced, but not so giddy as to see through rose-colored glasses. Rather, good-natured, optimistic, and most of all sharp, balanced, aware, and lucid.

How can this be done in very challenging circumstances? Well, through a combination of faith and understanding. Faith is needed where knowledge fails, where you have done what you could and the rest is not in your hands. Then it’s better to invoke a feeling that that things will work out, than to worry unnecessarily. Understanding comes down to feeling security in knowing what you must do, that panicking will get you nowhere. An attitude of strategic optimism, that you will get through this and will play your moves smartly, that really helps. If you are confronted with anger or fear, ask yourself whether you can do something about the problem right now. If yes, then do it. If not, then let those emotions go and don’t worry since it’s out of your hands right now.

Catching yourself before you let loose with a blind emotional reaction will keep you from having to suppress that emotion, by nipping it in the bud. How? By noticing yourself reacting the moment that you do, instead of being entranced by the thing triggering your reaction. Notice yourself, notice how you the observer are actually calm and silent deep inside while the emotion is an external thing trying to latch itself onto you, trying to get you to align and identify with it. Ask yourself if this is really necessary. Then look for understanding, the meaning, the lesson, the way out of this situation you are in, and act logically and strategically.

If you build up a momentum of balanced optimism then when confronted with a negative emotional trigger you are less liable to lose control because you are already centered and stable. Therefore it may help to start your day with some thoughts of gratitude, hope, and wonderment. If you do this, you will also notice it affecting the probability of your experiences throughout the day, reducing incidences of aggravation and misfortune and increasing positive synchronicities. That is because consciousness subtly affects how the future flows into the present.

A harder task is aligning with the optimal flow of life. It can be accomplished by consulting your intuition, heart, and common sense when making decisions, by spotting genuine inner and outer resistance to going in the wrong direction.

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The Sheep Mentality


The Sheep Mentality…. examples range from various things….like drink and take drugs to be cool, or what other people wear…..label clothing, G Star, Ed Hardy, Affliction & Tap Out shirts, Armani shirts…..etc, but it is basically how you want to be just like other people.

Most men and women are just sheep- slaves to all of the misinformation provided in the form of sensational fitness magazines and infomercials.

People just become certified personal trainers and take steroids than go to the gym, just to train and open bootcamps to do whatever everybody else is doing to make money.

Seeing the Sheep Mentality inside and outside gym is even worse. I truly believe the example that most people set will make you worse. Everybody is doing the same thing.

At the gym:
Most women are cardio queens spending hours at a time on ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills- sadly getting nowhere fast. Ladies you need to start doing some resistance training and cut those cardio sessions down to 20 minutes of intense interval training to burn that stubborn hip, thigh, and belly fat.

And then there are also those meathead guys who only work their mirror muscles (abs, chest, biceps) while taking extraordinary long rest periods between sets of upper body isolation exercises. These oversized morons often bench in excess of 315 lbs/140kgs but probably couldn’t perform 30 perfect, full range of motion push-ups with their body weight if their life depended on it.

Outside the gym:
Bootcamps-In most boot camps you will very quickly reach a plateau. Which means your results will stop improving after a short period of time. Example: Boxing and jogging every single session=Plateau

When in doubt, DON’T do what everybody else is doing, inside and outside the gym. Because it’s clearly not working! variety is the spice of life.

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