The Truth About Fitness First And Their Personal Trainers With Customer Testimonials


I have worked at fitness first, all I have to say is negative things about it. I will try to be polite and professional as possible. I will tell you some of the things I have experience there, working for this corporate gym. The manager at my gym at the time, was such a greedy no compassion loser of a personal training manager. All he cared about was making sales, and letting all the trainers suffer with high rent costs, while being stuck on a 1 year contract with lack of clients.

Below are just a few out of thousands and thousands of comments made by people who have trained and have been members of fitness first. I have also left out the really nasty ones to.

Fitness First member #1:

I will make this report short and sweet.

The trainers at Fitness First are sorry excuses for trainers. My wife’s trainer explained to her how most of the trainers were certified by a truly crappy certification course that would never fly in a “real” training business. The male trainers are the worst! 20-something, horny, pestering, cocky, jerks!

In the end, I suggest NEVER SIGNING UP WITH ANY PERSONAL TRAINERS FROM FITNESS FIRST!!! Just don’t do it! If you want to get in shape, look elsewhere for training. These people are salesman first! The personal training is crappy, the contracts are binding for 6 months to 1 year. Please take my advice! I’m tired of people losing money so some corporate CEO so he can wipe his butt with $100 bill’s.

Fitness First ex-employee:

They charge way to much for personal training and the member gets no benefit from buying it from them. Its hard to sale something you don’t believe in and I am being honest to the consumer cause I truly care about being healthy. Personally ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY and NUMBERS to them. They can care less about you and the results you get. The system is a fraud and they will try to sale you anything so I would not recommend buying anything from them. I hope you take your health and fitness seriously and if you do stay away from Fitness First cause its not worth your time, money, and agony. You will become very frustrated and then its a hassle to get out of the contract you signed.

Fitness First member #2:

One of the worst gym i have ever been to. People stay away its a total rip off company. Whenever u will try to cancel the membership they will not let u do that easily. I called their head office in order to cancel my membership and i was told it will be done by the end of january 2010. But they still charged me for the month of Feb. I called again to get my money back and the lady said there is no record of my one month notice of cancelation. She says the membership can only be cancelled by the end of March.So i have to pay till the end of march in order to cancell the membership..WOW.. What an ethical company… customers have to pay for their mistakes…

Fitness First member #3:

I was a platinum member then black lable member for 6 years, this year I finally left. There standards have dropped and there is no such thing as customer services in this company. They are soooooooooooo unbelievable rude especially at there head office, its a problem to leave, they over charge you, the male personal trainers and staff perve over both men and women, borderline stalking, the a lot of the female staff eye ball you, if you even breath in the direction of any male staff for genuine exercise advice. they breach your data protection and give your number out… Well I suppose if you pay peanuts you get monkey business… Good riddens to bad rubbish… Whoooo hoooo freedom… Happy new year!

Fitness First member #4:

i hate fitness first, all there after is your money and if u stop going fitness first don’t care as long as there getting your money still, BUT if u stop paying them fitness first will put debt collectors on 2 u

so if u stop going 2 fitness first u still have 2 pay them, that just f##k up i think

stupid 12 month contract

Fitness First member #5:

They have gyms everywhere which would be great in an ethical organisation who treated you fairly, however with Fitness first, all they do it get you signed up and leave you for dead. They know you can’t cancel if you ever plan to use them again in the future because they keep raising their fees and charging join up and admin fees. I wanted to put my membership on hold for 6 months because they were too busy and I couldn’t find an available machine, so they charged me $22/month… For what? I’m not using anything. Fitness First St Leonards is run by amatures who couldn’t care less about you. They’ll never be around when you need to meet and will never reply to concerning emails. Try and cancel and it’ll take a couple of months. I’ve been with them for years but that counts for jack all!

Fitness First member #6:

I joined and cancelled within the 10 day money back period due to its blatant unprofessional half-wit reception staff. Never met anyone like them. Did I get my money back? Did I hell. To add insult to injury, not only had they not refund the joining fee which they promised I’d get back but the also charged me for a month membership – I’d not been to the gym to work out once! Thoroughly dissatisfied with this”organisatioon”. The manager now wants to see my bank statement as proof of the transactions which I am gladly going to take to him tomorrow. STAY AWAY!! You’ve been warned.

Former Fitness First member and trainer

Someone need to really take these pr**ks to court. I worked as a trainer there, and I was on contract. I started out with 3 other trainers, by 2 months they had already added 6 more trainers into the gym. It was impossible making an income competing against 9 other trainers while paying them $250 a week for rent. Also I told the manager Daniel Brims that, what if you where renting your home and the landlord brought home a few more tenants, shouldn’t your weekly rent go down????? CON ARTIST FIRST!!!!!Daniel Brims got a promotion at Miranda Fitness First FOR MAKE THE CORPORATION MORE MONEY, WHILE MAKING ALL THE TRAINERS AT GRANVILLE FITNESS FIRST BROKE AND STUCK ON CONTRACTS. STAY AWAY FROM THAT C*CK EYED PR*CK!!!! I hope I never run into this c*ckhead ever again, i don’t know what i would do to that ugly liar f*g mofo.

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23 thoughts on “The Truth About Fitness First And Their Personal Trainers With Customer Testimonials

  1. That Daniel Brims seems like a complete fuckwit. Guys like him deserve a good beating. Also fitness first is the worse piece of trash gym in all of Oz.

  2. Wow! FF is more shocking then I thought it was great link. I hope karma gets your ex boss and your brother is doing fine.

  3. I can tell you another story of Mr.Daniel Brims. He was very unprofessional whilst I was training at fitness first. Bruno was my trainer at that time, and while I was one of the many few why who understood why Bruno had to fly back home to Canada.

    I witnessed first hand of the bad mouthing and the stealing of Bruno’s clients at the gym by Mr. Brims and was disgusted with the lengths that man went to. To gain his trainers clients, which he accomplished at the end. I ended up canceling my contract at fitness first Granville.

    After realizing that it wasn’t about fitness and our health, Mr. Daniel Brims wasn’t interested in. But only about how much money he could get out of all his personal training clients.

  4. its all about the money…fitness industry in oz is fucked! All about money!!!Fuck the whole industry!!!

  5. Nick, Australia is fucked all around. Take up overseas travel as a hobby, what a wake-up call. Craphole and joke of the planet this big beautiful country of ours… Shame really because we have a lot going for it, but until we have enough intelligent people in this country to elect relatively intelligent people into office, nothing will ever change. The fitness industry in Australia is fucked and all about money because that’s ALL AUSTRALIA IS ABOUT. All this crap about mateship, true blue aussie, smart state, sunshine state, is all russian communist propaganda cliches.

    The reality is that we, as a nation, are not as smart as we think we are. Collectively we are only a few notches above that of a complete moron, hence the bodgey politicians we end up with and their failed policies.

    True blue aussie? I wasn’t born here, this post is meant to be blunt and to the point. Be the difference you want to see in the world, don’t take crap from anybody, do the right thing whilst not harming (or putting out) anybody, and raise the bar. Resist co-operating with authority such as government and big business. Fuck them you do not serve them. Fight for your freedom, use your brains, empower others.

  6. My friend in Asia recently recovered from long sick leave as this stupid company never took care of him and they just threw him the insurance agent number and asked him to contact that person himself and that agent gave fake info and caused him couldn’t do his surgery and delayed for months. This stupid company didn’t pay him correctly and indeed just getting lesser and lesser, even after surgery and gona back to work, his salary turned to 0 !!!!! That is rediculous right??? They forced him no way out even months and months of asking why the salary been paid lesser and leser and they didn’t want to explain to him, so he went to HK labour department and filed a case, the manager said if he would do that, they would find the legal way to fire him, which is RETRUCTURE!!! Well, he had no choice as he shouldn’t being punish because of being sick and officially taking sick leave. This bastard manager and the coutry manager together with the puppet HR manager coorporate and made him out!!! I even called ASIA REGIONAL HR DIRECOTOR, after days and days of begging, telling this director that HK labour department would like his answer if he would pull back the termination of service letter given out by unprofessional and brutal HK country manager, he said since it was brought to labour department, let the labour department decide!! Well, this stupid company from top to the bottom all are just very inhumane. They take salary for nothing. This Asia Regional HR director said my friend could bring this unsatisfaction to HK country manager, but the problem is, he being fired was because of this HK country manager, what is the point to tell him???? So we wish to bring it up to higher, but it seems that FUCKNESS FIRST TOP PEOPLE are TAKING SALARY FOR NOTHING!!! If he says he has no right to get involve ,this is under HK and in this case HK country manager can settle, so same witgh other Asian countries clubs, and WHAT IS THE PURPOSE TO HAVE HIS POSITION AS ASIA REGIONAL HR DIRECTOR???? SO HE IS JUST AN EXTRA!!!!

    My friend being fired because he asked for what he should get, but the lady manager in HK HR depeartment who calcalated wrong all employees salary for years and years she is still safe in her position sitting in her office????
    They all probably involve in cheating company’s money !!!!


  7. I was with my friend when he was out from surgery room, this bastard 20 yo + so called Clubs manager who is handling all HK clubs, sent him email right away and asked him to read the emails!!!!!

    I was thinking can this asshole use his brain???? This employee just got out from surgery room and he wanted him to work right away!!!!

    I wonder how long this company can still last!!

    All good intructors and GXC had left or being fired!!

    This LXXRY, the 20 yo brainless brad, not even mature and well developed with his brain and yet FF chose him to handle whole HK clubs!!

    The worst this is, after my friend’s recovered, he was so excited to go back and teach, and during this month, Fucking Lxxry kept asking troubles from him, by calling him just when he almost to leave for classes and asked him to fix the timetable problems, or made phonecalls to him and asked him to fix this and that, and set the time for him, which was like 10 min after his class!!!!

    Then if he was fail to do so, he gave him warning letter!!!

    When they met with the labour department in HK, he showed the letter to the labour department the motto they practise now THE LESSER, THE BETTER!!! and also the letter he sent to ASIA headoffice in malaysia, saying he was LATE TO WORK!!!!

    Can you see all the dirty tricks how the fuckness first can be???

  8. Nice article, I currently work for fitness first and can tell you this company is corrupt top down on all levels. I have seen many things that this company has done to both members and it’s staff on lower levels that is deemed illegal. Absolute shit hole of a company and will be leaving them, but not without bring it to the publics attention of how dodgy they truly are.

  9. I got scammed by Fitness First in Melbourne. Was studying in AUS from Canada and I signed up for a 2 year gym membership – they talked me into it and said it would only be 50$ to cancel when I had to go home in 6 months. I went to cancel today and it was 150$, something about not going 3 times week (I had been traveling on weekends. Totally scammed, totally crummy company. Turned out to be one of my major expenses for the trip AVOID AVOID AVOID

  10. Fuck fitness first. Mother fuckers of fucker!!!! I go to Goodlife in Paramatta. Better fitness sluts and shit gym but better pussy!!! Yum yum!

  11. I was so fuckin pissed off to Fitness First Mall of Asia club here in the Philippines.

    The incident just happened last friday when I asked my partner to come by and join me to work out and have a dinner after.
    Well, I was told by the staff and a manager upon joining before and while signing the 1 year contract that I can bring ÄNYONE as a guest every friday without any fee or charge.

    Anyway paying a fee is not a prob since we always bring extra cash everytime we go to gym or we go out.

    Se here’s what happened, I’m lifting weights when my partner txted me that he’s already in the lobby. I went there as quick as I can and saw him asking him why didn’t he get in and just sitting in there.
    My boyfriend said “THEY’RE NOT LETTING ME TO GET IN”
    I talked to the staff in the front desk named “Thea” and asked her why?
    Thea said “He can’t since he is already a home member from a different club ( Fitness First Robinsons Manila) and only NON MEMEBERS can get in as a guest every friday without paying anything”
    she left and keep on saying sorry to me…
    Just so you know guys, I’m a PASSPORT member meaning I can go to other Gym while my Boyfriend has a HOME plan only meaning he can only workout to the club where he joined or he can go to other club as long as he will pay for using the facilities”
    Thea came back without her supervisor saying “Sir WAIT, sorry…”
    I replied “You know what? we were told that we can bring anyone every friday as our guest and as our privildge. I am really not getting why you’re not letting my partner”( while me looking at my watch since my partner has been waiting for an hour now and me talking to her for 15 minutes without them resolving the problem”

    By the way, I was asking very polite and still in a right tone of voice since Thea is also a friend of mine who works there and She’s a very kind and approachable staff.

    So here’s what happened next.

    Another staff get in the picture and talked to me RAISING HER VOICE AND SHOUTED AT ME saying this:


    I was shocked by that word since I’m asking logically and complaining because what they told to us upon joining them before was totally different to what they’re saying now.

    I then raised my voice after she said that since people are looking/ watching us. She was so Rude and starting to pissed me Off. I looked at her name tag and her name is “LEA”.

    She keep on saying the same thing and I keep on explaining myself over and over again.
    Then she keep on saying and insisting this word “HE CAN’T GET IN, HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE FACILITIES… HE CAN’T… HE CAN’T… HE CAN’T”

    All we’ve heard is a dozen of “HE CAN’T” from her.

    Also, She’s pushing my partner to ” UPGRADE” his plan to “PASSPORT” now just to use the facilities.

    then she get my name and checked my membership and asked me to write it in a piece of bond paper. So I did. I didn’t allow my anger to get out of my nerves and I’m already shaking. Just so you know guys, I’m a bit Hypertensive and I’m going there… I’m a typical kind of person who has a long patience and understanding but she really pissed me off. Also, she asked my partner’s name to check if he is a legitimate member from the other club. She was checking their fucking slow computer and us waited for minutes while she keep on saying the “HE CAN’T” word.

    She was very disrespectful and was a dickhead.
    She even called the club where my partner joined.
    ( You know what? She’s so stupid doing that since my partner already show his Fitness First ID/ card with his photo on it. So why calling that club if we already showed it and you already checked the system that he is a member from another club)

    I’m talking while she’s on the phone and checking their system and while she waiting for a rep from that club where my partner joined to answer her phone call.

    ” You know what, we might just cancel our membership because of this since you’re not helping. Also, If you don’t want receiving logical opinion and valid complaints, DO NOT MISLEAD YOUR CUSTOMERS AND TELL THEM THE REAL THING. WHAT YOU GUYS TOLD US IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT WHEN WE JOINED YOUR CLUB AND BY THE WAY, MY PARTNER ALREADY GUESTED HERE THE LAST TIME AND WE EVEN PAID FOR IT”
    ( We don’t mind paying any fees if it’s valid and if we really have to)

    She get back to us after calling the club saying this ( SHOUTING AT ME AND RAISING HER VOICE):


    (fuck off! 275 pesos is nothing to me. You know what? I’m spending more than that for a coffee and sit down every morning in a nearby cafe.)

    I don’t fuckin care about that amount but she really got into my nerves making me feel that I can’t affod that and maybe she’s thinking that I want my partner to get in for FREE.


    She stopped and look at me with her fucking facial expression and said this ” OK, LET’S MAKE THIS VERY QUICK SINCE YOU’VE BEEN WAITING LONG AND I DON’T WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME”

    the fuck, yeah she already did since we’ve been waiting for more than an hour just for this issue to be resolved.
    We paid, my partner got in. I didn’t work out since I’m shaking, can’t breath and had a Hypertension because of her RUDENESS.

    Some staff went to me, Also Thea comforting me saying their sorry’s.

    I told them that It’s not them who made me mad and they don’t need to say sorry since the person who should say that is “LEA”
    then a friend told me that “LEA” is one of the club’s manager.
    I was so shocked that How can a Manager be of that Attitude and so RUDE.
    She really gave me a bad day!

    I even posted to my Facebook about the incident and tagged Fitness First Philippines, Also send them a message on their website to call me but no one called. My expectations gets lower and lower being unhappy and disappointed on what happened.

    Just so you know, I sat on the chair near the front desk and she keeps on walking in front of me and I’ve been waiting for her to approach me and say her sorry but she didn’t.


    My partner, family, friends, Officemates and I are planning to cancel our membership within this week.

  12. By the way guys, you can share what happened to me and about the GUESTING RULE of FF since they DO NOT SAY this upon joining up to them.

    Again, Guesting rule”

    If you are a member, you can ONLY bring a GUEST who is a NON MEMBER every friday. If your family or friend has a HOME PLAN and already a Member He of She can’t be your guest but he can go with you if he or she will pay a fee of 275 pesos.

    Maybe they’re allowing non members to get in as guest coz they might join…?
    ( hidden Business Perspective and Marketing of FF Philippines)

  13. Fitness First is a gym for complete fuckwits. 18 year old personal training faggots who have no idea between a power bar and a pull-up bar. Direct debt bullshit is hard to get out of as well.

  14. Fitness First is about finance first. From the trainers to the staff. All this greedy company’s wants is every last cent from your pocket. What a bunch of assholes. Allah will judge all these greedy fucks one day and punish them accordingly.

  15. Wow, gosh, I started looking for things about FF because I was thinking of joining one, but thank heavens, you guys shared all your bad experiences. I’m sure not all the trainers there (i’m from Manila, PH) are useless, but if the management allows such rude behavior coming from their managers, I don’t think I’d want to sign up. Ever.
    Also, I initially thought I’ll only be reading comments from 2009 but surprise, surprise, there’s still coming from 2015! My gosh, I hope they get their act together or permanently lose their clients. Whatever is put on the Internet lives on, so their bad public image is not doing them any good.

    On a more positive conclusion, I hope those who joined are getting the most for what they’re paying for.


  16. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
    There’s a bigger thread here: http : // www .

    (Just complete the URL).

  17. I joined Fitness First Top Ryde and asked for a personal trainer. They gave me a trainer who turned out to be really good…a Persian guy, motivational, knowledgeable and polite, a competitive wrestler having represented Australia. They said the first 3 sessions would be free. I was quite impressed. Only after getting to know my trainer did I learn that the first 3 sessions were NOT free. They were given to me by the personal trainer!!…HE was doing them for free, and all the time Fitness First gave him NOTHING for it. Fitness First were dishonest to me and unethical to the trainer. AND they charge the trainer $340.00 per week for his rent at the gym…MORE than his rent at home. Further to that, they promised him introductions to new members for training, which they didn’t honour. An unprofessional outfit by any standard

  18. Fitness First is an idiot gym i ever been before,the gym i been before is Summit Fitness First,their trainer is extremely rude! ! The trainer Joseph Lew Yew Hong instruct and abuse members to arrange barbell dumbell eventhough its not done by them,this trainer always shout at members witout reason,but when we complain by email and phonecall,the manager Mr Logan never ever took any action on this bastard trainers but he took action on members as it seems lik members trying to descerate their company image,they said they cannot take action on this trainer unless we complain face to face.but even only a sauna upper cover we complain face to face so many times they also never take action do you all think they will take action on this bastard trainers if we complain them face to face? Dont join this gym as they not being professional and terrible management,and wish your psycho bastard trainer Joseph Lew Yew Hoong get whack and bad luck for the rest of the life!!!!

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