The fact that training and nutrition give us the illusion of control is what causes so much controversy in the muscle industry. There is a lot of room for speculations. Genetics + nutrition + training are the back door of the muscle gurus. Whenever their bullshit ideas fail, they explain it with one of the three, while presenting drug loaded lifters as success examples.

Obviously, different professional bodybuilders train differently. Some prefer high volume while others say low volume is best. Some say high carb diets are best while others use low carb diets to get ripped. Whatever the case, there is one thing bodybuilders always agree on – drugs make you grow. However, when we are talking about drug free bodybuilding ( I mean real drug free bodybuilding) there is little that can be done as far as muscle mass is concerned.

As a natural you can get strong, you can get ripped, you can develop some serious physical skills, but growth will always be pathetic compared to the 200 lbs shredded guys pushed in your face. You can try many different diets and routines, but in the end you will always hit the wall. I learned that by doing exactly that – wondering like a moron in Wonderland and following the ideas of some muscle prophets, who never tell the truth.

To summarize:

You can build muscle with high reps (at least 60% of 1 RM – anything less does not provide sufficient intensity).
You can build muscle with low reps (85% of 1 RM).

You can use both methods – a few heavy sets followed by light sets.
In all three cases, you will end up at the same place.

There are many ways to fill a bottle, but once it’s full – it’s full.


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Can I afford BrunosFitness Personal Training?


Personal training is a luxury. Not everyone can afford it, even though most people need it.

Like anything else in life, you have to pay for an expert to provide a service for you.. It’s no different then paying an attorney, an accountant, or an IT professional.

If you’ve walked into your local gym and asked how much they charge per session they’ve probably given you a number you felt to be a little too high- somewhere between $60-$120. Not to mention the joining fee $100-$150 and the monthly cost of the gym $80-$100 on top of the personal training session fees it gets pretty expensive quickly.

Keep in mind that 95% of personal trainers are paying rent at the gym they work at.  Anywhere from $260-$380 a week, so the reason why they have high training fees is to cover their rent, and not because they are worth it. They have bigger things to worry about than your results. If possible they will try to coax you into a contract and make you pay them a bundle upfront.

As you can see my personal training sessions might not be as expensive as you think. My rates are significantly lower then what other trainers would quote to you at your gym. I don’t put you on contracts, no joining fees or monthly billing. I also have over 15 years of experience, that is a life time worth of experience and knowledge.

This all might sound great to you, but you’re probably wondering where you are going to workout if not at your gym?

I have various and unique gym equipment that I can bring to your apartment, office, or home. I also have my own garage set up with enough equipment to get you a full proper workout. You don’t need a gym with fancy equipment and cluttered space. If you think about it, gyms are a rather novel invention. People didn’t spend hours doing dumbbell curls or walking the treadmills to get in shape in the past.

As an example, you’ve probably seen the movie 300. While that’s Hollywood, keep in mind that the Spartans weren’t spending two hours a day at their local gym. There are plenty of more effective ways to get in shape.

I also consult and approve with doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians and other allied health professionals to create health and fitness programs for all my clients.

Also note*

5 Things you can cut back on to afford personal training.

1. Buying Coffees-5$ a coffee/5 coffees a week=100$ per month.

2. Beer-Case of beer $50/1 case a week=$200 per month

3. Cigarettes-Pack of cigs $15/2 packs a week=$120 per month

4. Going out for dinner $100-$200/2 times a week=$800-$1600 per month

5. Going out for drinks after work $50-$100/ 2 times a week= $400-$800 per month

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